Andreea Chira & Syrinx Consort

Pan flute & Strings

Andreea Chira on the pan flute and the Syrinx Consort create a unique musical experience, were the pan flute harmonizes wonderfully with the traditional sound of the classical string quintet. The performance of famous concertos and chamber music pieces (Vivaldi, Bach, Stamitz, Haydn or Piazzolla) but also of film music (Morricone, Williams) and bravura pieces (Arban, Dinicu) is honored by the audience with ever growing enthusiasm. 

In this way, this extraordinary formation from Austria manages to meet the expectations of the audience and at the same time broaden their horizons. Cultural exchange on a local level to strengthen community cohesion is always in the foreground.

Andreea Chira Pan flute

Pavel Efremov Accordion

"Baroque music is closer to folk music. And so it was mostly written: That you could sing it in the street."

Baroque music by two instruments which, although still considered folk instruments, harmonize wonderfully with each other and give classical music a new sound. Compositions from four baroque centres: Germany, Italy, France and Spain. All pieces are played on these two extraordinary instruments, each of which has a great fascination of its own. Unfortunately the composers did not get to know these instruments personally, but these instruments have managed to meet their compositions.


Enjoy a special evening with two young musicians who already celebrate international success and have established themselves as classical musicians with these their instruments. 


A concert that combines: the sound of instruments that have been loved by ordinary people throughout history and the musical perfection created by some of the most brilliant composers of the time. 

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