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"The young Romanian Andrea Chira receives the legacy of the greatest Simion Stanciu, the first soloist who played this instrument to perform and record virtuoso repertoire of Vivaldi, Marcello, Mozart mostly with ``I Solisti Veneti`` under the baton of Claudio Scimone."

Andreea Chira is a young and talented pan flutist from Bucharest, Romania working and living in Vienna, Austria.

After years on stage performances Andreea continues her career with classical repertoires, collaborating with the conductor Maestro Gian Luigi Zampieri as honor guest of  Craiova “Oltenia” Philharmonic Orchestra of Craiova, Romania.

Andreea was the first pan flute player after the legendary Simion Stanciu – to be invited by “I Solisti Veneti” under the conduction of Maestro Claudio Scimone, representing a prestigious and rare opportunity to play with them a Christmas Concert 2017 in Padua, Italy.

More concerts followed later with the Philharmonic “Kameralna im. Witolda Lutosławskiego w Łomży” under the baton of Maestro Jan Miłosz Zarzycki, Philharmonic “Oltenia” under the baton of Maestro Gian Luigi Zampieri, “Elbląska Orkiestra Kameralna” under the baton of Maestro Jakub Chrenowicz.

In the summer of 2018 Andreea Chira had the honor of being part of the Veneto Festival with I Solisti Veneti “Ensemble Vivaldi” including three extraordinary concerts in Belluno, Dobbiaco and Merano.

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